Qlimax is considered as Q-dance’s most mystical event, and with good reason. Qlimax is more than just a party, it’s a journey. During this edition of the Qlimax blog, we’ll give you a sneak peek into the creation process of Qlimax 2008 & 2009. Are you ready to open your mind?

2008: Next Dimensional World

The Next Dimensional World edition in 2008 focusses on one of the most ancient and powerful symbols (un)known to men: the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is a symbol that has been found at ancient temples all over the world. How can a symbol be found in 5000-year old temples, ranging from India and Egypt to Scotland and South-America? While no one knows the truth about the mystical symbol, it’s clear that the Flower of Life has powers our mind still cannot comprehend. The origin of these powers lie in its form: a perfect geometric shape, which is said to be the origin of creation. 

The mystical side of Qlimax.

We experienced the true power of the Flower of Life in 2008, when it was the main design of the stage. Being a perfect geometric form, the Flower of Life created another dimension when it merged with the lasers and lights. An unimaginable visual spectacle was created due to this combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology. This even resulted in the appearance of seemingly ‘impossible forms’ in the air, astonishing the audience with its hypnotising effect throughout the night.

2009: The Nature of our mind

One year later, we entered a whole other mystic realm. Our Qlimax journey originated deep in the dense and hot jungles of South-America. This is where we encountered the holy shaman, also known as a medicine man. A shaman is a sacred person within a tribe with special healing powers due to his knowledge of teacher plants. The family of teacher plants has enormous healing effects on the body and the soul, but only if the brew is prepared the correct way. Executed well, and the patient won’t just experience heavy visions, but will also be healed mentally and physically.

Being so impressed with the ways of the shaman and its connection with nature, we were instantly inspired to bring this way of life to Qlimax. Since the industrial evolution, western civilization has lost its touch with nature. For one night, we were able to bring back this connection with nature, and so we did by welcoming the shaman to Qlimax.

The main focus of the stage was the enormous shaman’s head, which was entirely made out of wood. A unique design for a stage, and also the first time that we ever created such a colossal wooden figure. The choice for wood was an easy one, since it created the first step to reconnecting with nature while still maintaining that mystical Qlimax feeling. Another aspect of making sure that the stage would still give the audience that signature Qlimax feeling were the moving fungi. This was the first time that we used moving objects at a stage, which gave the ancient look of the stage an interesting new feeling due to the new technology that we used.


Expand your world

Exploring ancient symbols and forgotten connections with the powers of nature are just a small part of the mystical world of Qlimax. The next blog continues with Qlimax 2012 & 2013, where we will take you even further into the unknown.

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