Qlimax takes you on a journey through multiple dimensions of sound. Ranging from nearly forgotten early hardstyle sounds to smashing hardcore, Qlimax lets you explore the broad spectrum of the harder styles.

Each year at Qlimax, the musical buildup is key during the evening. At the last five editions, Qlimax kicked off with either early hardstyle or subground. Artists as DJ Isaac, Technoboy and ACTI were responsible for opening Qlimax with their distinctive sound. These openings acts are the beginning of a night full of wonders, which officially kicks off one hour later with the best melodic hardstyle artists of the moment. During these hours, the stage shows its true colors while epic melodies travel through the Gelredome.

After multiple hours of hardstyle’s finest euphoric artists, it’s time to turn it up a notch. The uplifting beats get replaced by a more ferocious sound. Let’s get RAW! With its heavy kicks, distorted noises and high energy, RAW hardstyle is the perfect musical follow-up to euphoric hardstyle at Qlimax.

Your musical journey through the sounds of harder styles ends with a bang only suited for the most diehard ravers. The RAW beats make place for an even more brutal sound which blows the BPM rate through the roof. Put all your remaining energy to the test with the best hardcore sounds available. Being one of the roughest genres within the harder styles, hardcore is the perfect end station for your musical journey at Qlimax.

From early hardstyle and subground to euphoric, RAW and hardcore; Qlimax provides you with the ultimate musical journey during one unforgettable evening. Are you ready to go on a ride through the world of harder styles? Attend the official Facebook event and join us on the 19th of November in the Gelredome in Arnhem to explore your musical boundaries.