Last week we gave you a sneak peek in to the creation process behind the 2008 & 2009 editions of Qlimax. Now we are taking you a few years further. Let us guide you to a world where your future is no longer unknown and a new path to immortality has been found.

2012: Fate of Fortune

In 2012, we entered the world of tarot. In the late 1700’s, a Swiss freemason by the name of De Gébelin discovered the power of tarot cards. De Gébelin said that the tarot cards represented the mysteries of the Egyptian gods Isis & Thoth and that tarot actually means ‘the royal way to wisdom’.  Tarot cards are said to be able to predict someone’s future by displaying various cards to the person who seeks answers. Intrigued by this concept, we decided to lay the cards to the DJ’s and the audience at Qlimax.

Mystical subjects often go hand in hand with surprises, so it’s no wonder that Qlimax in 2012 was all about surprises. When entering the stage, each DJ got its own tarot prophecy laid out in front of the whole crowd. This caused the audience to experience Qlimax 2012 in its own unique way, because such prophecies have a different meaning for each individual. This occurred for instance when the devil card was drawn. For some people, the devil card means fighting your inner demons, while for others it might be the purification of evil or death. Due to these different perceptions, each person created its own version of the Qlimax Fate or Fortune story. To top it all, the stage changed during the evening after each drawn card. This created perfect synergy between storytelling and new techniques.

Relive Fate of Fortune

2013: Immortal Essence

In order to evolve, we sometimes have to take one step back to go two steps forward. In 2013, we explored the path of enlightenment by opening your mind. Working with a very pure form of meditation called Vipassana, we went into the deep corners of our mind. By peeling layers of our consciousness, new insights were discovered. To translate this technique to Qlimax, we chose to create a stage that was all about transformation and immortality. This is the story of the scarab.

The scarab is a beetle that was seen as holy in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians saw the scarab as a symbol of Khepri, the morning manifestation of the sun god Ra. The scarab was a symbol of eternity itself. Because eternity and immortality go hand in hand, the scarab was the perfect symbol for Qlimax 2013.

The scarab stage consisted of 4 phases. Each phase led to the next step to Immortal Essence. The first phase was the scarab in its original form. This form symbolised the beautiful side of life that we all embrace. Unfortunately, there is always a dark side to keep the balance of life in order. This side contains pain, fear and death. This was the next step in 2013, when the Scarab opened it wings and revealed the skull. This phase, symbolising the dark side of life, had to be conquered in order to take the next step to enlightenment. Remember: the darkest hour is just before dawn.  After facing our fears, we were ready to head to the next phase. The skull was defeated and opened itself in order to create a portal to a new dimension of mindfulness. This was the passage to Immortal Essence. To complete our journey to immortality, we went to the fourth and last phase. The scarab spread its wings completely and evolved into a being of immortality, liberating itself from its previous form.

Creating such an ambitious stage wasn’t an easy task. The production process faced heavy technical challenges, which were eventually overcome by working side by side with our main suppliers. In order to create the transformation process, a hydraulic system was integrated into the stage. This was the first time that we used such a technique, and it gave us the opportunity to transform the stage throughout the night.

Qlimax takes you on a mystical journey.
The four phases

Open your mind

From an ancient symbol and a powerful shaman to prophecies and enlightenment through our mind, Qlimax is always about the mystical side of life. By combining mystical worlds and ancient wisdom with modern technology, the temple of hardstyle breaks through barriers unknown to men.
Are you ready to open your mind to the mystical side of our planet? Then we’ll see you at our next journey on November 19th in the GelreDome.