Qlimax is the leading indoor showpiece of the harder styles. The event is known for its unique themes and outstanding shows. On the night itself, a mythological storyline and new technologies come together to provide the ultimate immersive experience.

Last year, Qlimax took the audience on a journey. To make this edition more visualized than ever before, the biggest indoor LED screen the dance industry has ever seen was created. To make the Qlimax experience even more intense, some of the biggest names of modern hardstyle combined forces to find perfect balance. Guided by these hardstyle giants, the journey started in the outside world and took the audience all the way into the depths of the inferno.

With a stage so high that it nearly didn’t fit the GelreDome and with DNA strings dangling just a few meters above the audience, the Source Code of Creation shocked the audience with its immense production. The process of enlightenment through our DNA was explored throughout this memorable night, while the DJ’s became part of the show.

Immortality is something that can only be achieved by evolution. To translate this process to Qlimax, the scarab entered the GelreDome. Throughout the night, the scarab transformed into four phases, discovering and unveiling new dimensions during each phase. Did you discover your immortal essence?

In 2012, the cards were laid out in front of the DJ’s and the Qlimax audience. Exploring the world of tarot, everyone at the GelreDome was confronted with their future. Did it contain fate…or fortune?

Technique was the key word at the Experiment Dome. Unexplored light, sound and production techniques came together to create an unparalleled Qlimax edition. To top it all, Ran-D, The Pitcher and Gunz for Hire made their Qlimax debut while being accompanied by some of the biggest names within hardstyle such as Headhunterz and Noisecontrollers.

Only the unexpected can be expected in a reality that differs completely from our own. With a stage on the long side of the Gelredome, this edition of Qlimax was without a doubt something different. During the night, the DJ booth escalated from the top of the stage to the bottom. The highlight of this evening was Brennan Heart’s anthem show, which included a complete orchestra to guide us through this alternate reality.

For one night, the connection between nature and modern society got restored. Qlimax became the jungle of the shaman, a world where nature ruled and only instincts matter. The completely wooden stage created the ultimate tribal feeling, while the DJ’s were part of the Qlimax tribe.

Guided by the mystical Flower of Life, a new and mysterious dimension was discovered. In this strange dimension, the sounds of 2008’s leading hardstyle acts such as Project One and Showtek where combined with next level production methods creating an unforgettable spectacle.