On November 19th, Q-dance returned to the GelreDome for its leading show-piece: Qlimax. During this night, the biggest acts and the most dedicated crowd gathered for the ultimate hardstyle ceremony. This is the story behind Qlimax – Rise of the Celestials.

The Inception

The tension in the GelreDome almost became palpable in the air right before the beginning of Qlimax 2016. 27.500 hardstyle lovers gathered at the Temple of Hardstyle for an epic spectacle. It was already past 21:30 when the mysterious noises became more and more present. Accompanied by a quick rush of light, the crowd knew that the moment they’ve all been waiting for would arrive soon. Suddenly the whole dome went dark, the crowd roared and strange beings entered the stage. These beings, armed with fiery artifacts, were accompanied by a deep voice. While this unknown voice took us through the three phases, resembling the legendary track by 2 Best Enemies but with a little Qlimax twist, a spooky figure took its place behind the decks.

‘Transcend the physical, enter the mystical
Open your mind with… Tuneboy’

Tuneboy’s performance in front of a huge curtain was the beginning of a very special night. A night of transformations, surprises and next level effects. But what’s behind the curtain? This would be revealed soon, as the ‘seed’ would hatch and the first chapter would unravel itself.


Chapter 1: Beauty

Right after Tuneboy played his last track, something started to stir. The crowd knew what was coming: the birth of something enormous. As the mysterious voice returned, it told us everything we needed to know;

‘Welcome… to Qlimax’

The curtain went down, revealing a peacock of mythical proportions while the melody of ‘Inception’ by Audiotricz struck the ears of the audience. The Chapter of Beauty had arrived, and it was no mystery as the stage was supported by beautiful bright lights and colorful video elements. Throughout the set of Audiotricz, the Peacock showed its true colors, astonishing the audience at every moment. This beauty maintained as Brennan Heart entered the stage, but not for long. Because where beauty reigns, darkness often rises as well.

‘Deep in the eyes of beauty, shimmers a glint of supreme…darkness. Igniting the awareness of your desires and deepest fears.’


Chapter 2: Darkness

Suddenly darkness entered the GelreDome. Brennan Heart disappeared, presumably captured by the shadows. The full spectrum of colors also left, leaving us with blackness. Slowly a transformation took place, as the Peacock became…. The Raven. This transformation didn’t just occur at the stage, but also at the performing artist. Brennan Heart was no more. Instead, Blademasterz took his place.

At a visual level, the bright lights and colorful videos were replaced by something more primal. Only the primary colors were shown, going back to the basics of the visual experience. These colors also seemed to ignite an effect that was lurking in the shadows. While the Raven entered the dome, a legion of lasers joined. This created a whole different feeling, making us more aware of our surroundings as became clear that nothing stays the same during the night.


Chapter 3: Rebirth

In life, your inner darkness often has to be conquered in order to enter a new and stronger chapter of your life. This was the same at Qlimax, where we started with beauty until the darkness took over. The only way to conquer this dark being was by the process of rebirth. As an angel flew down and faced the Raven, something grew underneath its skin. A fire enlightened, burning the Raven from within. While the audience focused on the angel, something rose from the ashes of the Raven. Something bigger, stronger and more powerful: The Phoenix.

Together with the Phoenix entered Coone. The first sounds of his anthem ‘Rise of the Celestials’ filled the dome, creating perfect synergy with the visual elements as the anthem show baffled the audience. At the center of this chapter was the Phoenix and its fire. The darkness of the primary colors was replaced by warm lights and effects, as well as the physical flames that heated the entire dome.

It finally seemed as if the stage had reached its final form, but evolution is something unpredictable.


Final chapter: A supreme form of being

‘Chaos transforms, as the collective spirit awakens. Harmonizing in a higher order… A supreme form of being’

As the act everyone had been waiting for would appear in a few moments, another transformation was taking place. Unlike previous transformations, this being wouldn’t have an entire new identity. Instead, it became the sum of all previous forms. Merging beauty, darkness and rebirth, it became a supreme form of being. And together with this Supreme Being arrived a supreme act as it was time to release… Project One!

By combining three powerful beings into one Supreme Being, an incredible force was unleashed at Qlimax during the rest of the night. From Project One to Angerfist, this being managed to blow away the audience with its massive physical appearance, visual effects and powerful story.


This was Qlimax – Rise of the Celestials.