& Technoboy

Technoboy is representing hardstyle with a new version of the reverse bass. He’s one of the founders of hardstyle, that’s why we call him a legend! Technoboy and Audiofreq combine their powers and it’s the blend that makes these two the best kick-start of Qlimax. The best of Audiofreq is yet to come, although he is well on his way. He is expanding his boundaries and shows us how broad hardstyle can be.

Technoboy: “Every Qlimax is a book. This time I will be the first chapter of this book. A different position compared to my past experiences, which I repute of equal importance nevertheless:  it’s the first chapter that will make u decide if u are into the story or not. So, for me, the task will be tough this time… but I am ready for the challenge. Enjoy your reading.”

Audiofreq: “Qlimax – It’s the biggest, the baddest, and the undisputed best hardstyle event of the year. Hell I’m gonna call it, it’s the best indoor event in the world!

It’s hard to believe that I will join the ranks of so many legendary hard EDM superstars that have played at Qlimax – I have to pinch myself to see if I’m awake or dreaming because it honestly and truly doesn’t feel real.

As an Aussie, just going to Qlimax as a visitor is an unbelievable experience, so now being able to guide people through the sonic and visual extravaganza is literally fantasy becoming reality.

I’m bringing my A-Game, pulling no punches, injecting pure audio-adrenaline into the veins of all the party-goers, to show everyone what freq I’m all about!”


At Qlimax, Headhunterz will do what he does best. He knows how to break with the existing conventions of hardstyle. He is testing the limits and chooses to blaze his own trail.

Headhunterz: “Qlimax has played a big role in the story of my life. From visitor to prodigy to headliner. I don’t like to create expectations by telling how I will continue the story this time, but I am sure I will know how to do the event I grew up with.”


Atmozfears is a rising star. He will definitely earn a spot in the hardstyle hall of fame if he keeps on going like this. We have so much faith in his talent that we gave him primetime to spin the biggest bangers. He plays hardstyle how it should be.

Atmozfears: “Qlimax is one of the ultimate achievements of a producer. I feel absolutely honoured to be part of it this year. There will be lots of exciting things I will bring along with me to the GelreDome… The future is a beautiful place.”


Frontliner is the man with the melodies. He has so much creativity and inspiration that he can deliver one track every week, all summer long. He has the highest production output of all the hardstyle producers out there.

Frontliner: “I love to be able to play at Qlimax. Two years ago I was a surprise act so this is the first time in my career that I’m actually billed at Qlimax. First times for everything! I will be performing live there, which to me always is a huge plus. I will have all the creative freedom on stage to show you the best of me!”


The undisputed anthemking! He is one of the most progressive producers in the hardstyle scene: constantly pushing the envelope and making sure he is on top of his game.

Noisecontrollers: “When Q-dance asked me to produce this years Qlimax anthem I went straight to the studio to create something special. I locked myself in and worked a lot of nights till dawn because every detail needed to be perfect. Now I’m already really excited and can’t wait to showcase you the Noisecontrollers sound on the 22th of November!”


Ran-D is a patriot of the raw sound and one of the first who made a commitment to this style. Together with a few devoted others he will soon collab within a new platform dedicated to raw. 

Ran-D: “Qlimax is a special event to me. As a young guy I visited the first editions of Qlimax, and I can still vividly remember one of the first big editions in the HMH in 2001. It got me completely hooked to hardstyle, and since that edition I’ve visited almost every single one. So Qlimax and me go way back, it’s one of the parties where it all started, the Holy Grail in hardstyle.

You can imagine how I felt when I first played at Qlimax in 2011 as Ran-D and Gunz For Hire. It was an unforgettable experience. Qlimax is an event that really takes you away to another world, with a unique concept and a show that thrills your senses.

I’m proud to be a part of this event again this year, and I can’t wait to party together with you all at Qlimax.”


Crypsis is the raw pioneer, and one third of Minus Militia. He represents the ‘Minus is More’ sound.

Crypsis: “There are a few unique stage gems that every artist desires. The most precious one is Qlimax. I am sincerely honored to be part of this year’s edition and I am thrilled as an artist and as a fanatic. No rules, no concessions, I am determined to display the pure sound I represent.”


The grand finale: 3 acts, 90 minutes, full throttle


Part 1
Endymion, the hardcore pioneers of back in the days, are exploring the common grounds in raw and core. They showcase their newest sounds on Qlimax. Heavy pounding raw beats, straight in your face.

Endymion: “We are very proud to be part of Qlimax for the second time. We considered our first time as one of the highlights of our career and we are sure this year’s edition is going to be another night we will never forget. Be prepared for an exclusive set filled with brand new Endymion music! Nightbreed is coming.”

The Viper

Part 2
The Viper – the uncrowned master of mash-ups – is the ultimate kick starter for the final hour. He will bring back memories with a healthy dose of feel-good vibes. Straight up party hardcore.

The Viper: “In my career, I’ve played at almost every big stage I could hope for, but there was still one missing. This year, I’ll finally step up to the decks at Qlimax in the GelreDome! I’m busy in the studio preparing some fresh music to present alongside my all-time favourites, and want to make it a night to remember for everyone. I can’t wait to be a part of the Qlimax experience, see you there!”


Part 3
Partyraiser: he is half man, half machine, and 100% hardcore. With his fast cuts and tight mixing skills, he is the ultimate hardcore DJ to bring Qlimax to its apotheosis. He’ll bring up-tempo hardcore to top it all off.

Partyraiser: “Qlimax is a hardstyle event, which closes with hardcore. Every dj wants to play at the Qlimax stage: the biggest indoor hardstyle event! Whoever denies, is lying. I added Qlimax to my wish list a long time ago. And then I received the phone call that made me happy: they want me to close Qlimax! A dream come true. In a sense, the organisation chooses a dj for their event, because they think he fits the best for that genre. It’s truly an honour to play at Qlimax, after working so long.

I like two different styles of hardcore: the up-tempo ‘Partyraiser style’ hardcore and heavy hardcore with accessible sounds, samples, and edits which fits on an event like Qlimax. As an artist, you need to know on which event you’ll play, because every event is different. With that idea, I’m attending an event. I will show you a mix of hardcore I prefer and, which I believe, belongs at Qlimax.

I can’t wait, the last hour of Qlimax, we will party without holding back!”


For more than a decade, Ruffian is the master of ceremony of Qlimax. We call him ‘the voice of Qlimax’!

MC Ruffian: “I am very excited to join the Q-dance team and it’s Qlimax wizards to put on an amazing show again!”